Friday, 5 July 2013

The Premium Edition of ChrisTV, Now record everything easily - Review

The Premium Edition , It's the wonderful program ChrisTV Online is  a gorgeous  player and registered at the same time, and allows you to record everything that you can see, from the stations or radio channels audio without the need for cables or TV cards, all of that is available for you, and you will not need anything except that. 

This wonderful program has a very rich database contains many channels that updates itself continuously to ensure you getting  the best channels with the passage of time, you will see that the list of channels increases constantly. But the image quality and transmission speed is debatable because it depends on the speed of your Internet If you enjoyed a high speed internet, I ensure the high quality to you during viewing. 

One of the most important things that you need to run these channels is the Real Player program but do not worry because this program feel what you lack and alerts you to download this program to run it easily. The user interface  is  very beautiful and easy as any user just select your favorite channel and click on it with your mouse twice to watch them, and you can Choose from among the many channels that are divided by country and choose from according to your taste.