Thursday, 25 April 2013

Avast .. a powerful program for anti-virus - Review

Avast! Professional is a powerful program for anti-virus software that combines ease of use and efficiency when it comes to discovering the threats and disposal.
Strong core allows you to Avast! Professional discovery of the highest capacity for hidden viruses, as well as to control the Trojans.

these are the  features of Avast! Professional:

- The possibility to choose between the interface simple or advanced interface;
- Static protection: watching every act performed by the computer locally and on the Internet.
- A situation protection against infection that arrive by e-mail: fifth year working with SMTP/POP3/IMAP protocols and prompt survey detects new viruses by scanning strong;

- Resistant text files;
- The protection of P2P programs and IM clients;
- Viruses Fund for the development of infected files;
- Full integration with Windows;
- Command line support;
- Web protection, which monitors and Tfeltr all over http;
- Unzip the file Outlook Express to get rid of the infection;
- Identifying the Malware: malware is detected, Trojans and worms and final disposal.

In short, the Avast! Professional is a useful option to maintain the security of your computer.