Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Comodo Internet Security 6.2.285401 - review

Comodo is a wonderful program for security protection while browsing the Internet, a system known for its anti-virus software and is designed to protect your system from serious attacks, and protects your files and folders against serious threats over the Internet. The unit includes anti-virus, along with features to protect and build firewall shield Not penetrate.

This program allows you to change the DNS servers to COMODO SecureDNS servers and enable all the programs to become under the protection of this program.

When you run the program, you will welcomed by three windows. In one of them, COMODO updates, and the other describes the firewall and how to protect and detect new private network is safe to use, and the last window is the program interface.

Update takes several minutes, after which it is run automatic scan on your computer to detect any harmful viruses (scan takes a very long time, but inclusive). The graphical interface of the program is wonderful, eye-catching and simple.

Comodo has a lot of features for each function key, and is a structured program by comparing it with other programs. antivirus scan lets you run (a full examination, on certain areas, or spyware scan), and display events for anti-virus and isolated elements, and is also submit suspicious files for further analysis.

Firewall lets you view events and alerts that have been through attacks on your computer, a new application definition unreliable, and the creation of a set of basic rules, and a different configuration options.