Saturday, 6 July 2013

System Speed Booster, Delete all the unnecessary files by one click - Review

System Speed Booster works great, which works to improve and preview the full device functionality and overall performance of the system, as itcontains many tools especially to resolve all the problems faced by some computer.

The program has an option where you can search the records of Windows for all records and lost  applications and clean up all the files of the device, and show you the results classifies risks that harm the system, and addressing those mistakes automatically once identified and pressing the button selected the piece, and made ​​only with your consent because this is a very sensitive issue for the system, because it can delete important  files to the system and that can lead to problems in the device operating system, extreme caution is advised during it.

This program deletes any records you do not need it, and also to delete the cache files or addresses browsers, which some can be used to track user activity on the device, and scans files unwanted and temporary files that are no longer used by the device software and delete all the files from the Recycle Bin.